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Microsoft has angered the Finns

the-sharks-are-circlingSoftware giant Microsoft has finally got the Finns cross over how it hacked about Nokia’s mobile unit before casting it adrift.

Microsoft has recently announced a new round of job layoffs at its Mobile unit in Finland, as it moves forward with its restructuring and reorganization plan following the acquisition of Nokia’s Devices and Services unit.

The Finnish government though is unhappy about the way that Vole has carried you the restructuring saying the outfit has a huge responsibility to help those who are being let go.

Microsoft’s latest job cut round included 1,850 people, 1,350 of whom are said to be working in Finland.

Finance Minister Alexander Stubb said that he was disappointed because of the promises made by Microsoft who had promised him that a new data centre would suck up a large number of the job losses. However this does not appear to have happened.

In 2013, when Microsoft purchased Nokia’s Devices and Services business, the company promised to invest $250 million in a data centre located in Finland that was specifically meant to provide services to European customers. Construction of the data centre never started.

And yet, Finland accuses Microsoft of contributing to the economic downturn that affects the country, as the company fired thousands of people under its restructuring plan and closed facilities that were once among the most successful in Europe.

The research and development centre in Salo was shut down by Microsoft, turning the city into what many described as a “ghost town.” The local facility started operations in the mid-1980s, and its closure dramatically impacted the city, with local sources revealing that “schools are closing, restaurants are mostly empty, and youths worried that they won’t be able to find jobs.”

Employment Minister Jari Lindstrom said Vole must bear as big a responsibility as possible over what they have done by laying off people.

Microsoft has not said anything but then again that is pretty much what anyone would expect.  Vole wants to put the whole Nokia fiasco behind it.

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